Your Go-To Sales Advisor

This book is the culmination of our combined decades of experience in technology sales. We’ve been there and done that. We’ve made mistakes, and learned from them. We’ve seen successes and failures. And we’ve come to understand what drives the process of selling technology products better than anyone else.

We believe it's The Ultimate Sales Handbook.

Included with your copy from our author website is a complimentary synopsis.

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About the Authors

Randy Seidl

Randy Seidl is a global technology board director, author, CEO, CRO, executive recruiter, Sales Community leader, consultant, advisor and investor. Put simply, Randy helps companies and individuals grow. He is known for his unique ability to scale emerging growth and Fortune 500 technology companies as well as individual's careers. He has served in start-ups/smaller companies, and industry-leading organizations such as Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, StorageTek, and EMC Corporation. Randy currently runs the three companies he started; Sales Community, Top Talent Recruiting, and Revenue Acceleration.

Tony Jeary

Tony Jeary, known as The RESULTS Guy™, is a strategist, thought leader, and prolific author of over sixty titles. For more than two decades, Tony has advised CEOs and other high achievers on how to discover a new level of clarity for their vision, develop focus on their direction, and create powerful execution strategies that impact achievement and, of course, results. Tony impacts the very best, right from his unique RESULTS Center in the DFW area.

What’s Inside ?

We've intentionally shaped and strategically packed Your Go-To Sales Advisor with powerful sales tools packed with value to help tech sales professionals reach a higher level of mastery. We are providing great tips focused on the B2B tech sales professional (SDR to CRO/CEO) but offer value to anyone interested in learning more about sales.

Over 400+ best practices/ideas/suggestions:

A Sales IQ Assessment

134 Best Practices submitted by 97 Sales Community Advisory Board Members, some of the best Exec's in the industry

Walter Brown handbooks with sales rules and best practices for sales reps and sales managers

Best Practices from Randy Seidl & Tony Jeary

A summary of current Tech Sales Methodologies

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Insider Insights

Get a sneak peek into what executives are saying about Your Go-To Sales Advisor

"The greatest sales leaders in the world know that best practices matter. Randy does a tremendous job outlining plenty of best practices. If you implement them, I promise you will see material improvement in your team's productivity."

Partner at Sequoia Capital

Board Member at Zoom Video, Snowflake, UiPath, Workday and Palo Alto Networks

“In Your Go-To Sales Advisor, Randy and Tony share incisive, practical advice on current sales methodologies and best practices. Their timeless words of wisdom are an incredible tool to help tech sales professionals reach a higher level of mastery."

President and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

"Wish I'd had these sales tips when I started my career."

Board member Five9, Auth0, Box, NortonLifeLock, Gainsight, and Xactly

"Your Go-To Sales Advisor is foundational and a must read for anyone in tech sales."

Chairman and CEO, Motorola Solutions

"Great resources to help anyone learn more about sales. Very well organized."

Previous EMC EVP and Board Member, Board Member at Trilio, Verint-Systems, Progress and NETSCOUT

“Fantastic sales book and an easy read.”

President and CEO of Barracuda Networks, Board Member Sumologic and Generac Power Systems

“A great read for sales professionals looking to stay curious and committed to honing their performance, leadership, and ultimately their outcomes.”

Chairman and Chief Executive, Visa

"Your-Go-To Sales Advisor is exactly that and a tool to share with your team."

Previous Cofounder and CEO of Microsystems. Cofounder, CEO, and Chairman at Wayin. Cofounder Curriki

"Great resource to help anyone learn more about sales. Very well organized"

Previous President and Vice Chairman of Network Appliance, Board Member UiPath, Varonis, and VAST Data

“Follow Randy's and Tony's tips and become a great salesperson.” 

Chairman and CEO, Bank of America

"A book that must be in your library! Read it with a highlighter"

President and CEO of Putnam Investments, Chair of Great-West Lifeco

“Great to see Walter Brown’s impactful sales tips that were the backbone for the early EMC sales success.”

Previous Chairman and CEO of EMC

“Everyone should know how to sell, and this book is an exceptional manual that will take you to the top level.”

Providence Equity Partners 

"Love what Randy has put together"

President, Global Sales & Customer Operations, Dell Technologies

“Great tips for anyone in sales.”

CEO and Co-Founder, Wayfair

"Best set of sales ideas and tips in a single book"

Previous Co-Founder and CEO, Veeam Software

“A great handbook and my new go-to. It is a consolidation of tried-and-true sales best practices from the industry's best.”

Sales Rep, Oracle

"Your Go-To Sales Advisor is the ultimate handbook for anyone in tech sales!"


What are you waiting for? Start selling more today!

This book is for those who are passionate about sales and want to continue to grow and excel in the field. This is for those who are willing to take that leap of faith to achieve a higher level of mastery.

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